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Breathing—it simply happens, without much forethought. So why do we need a book about how to breathe?

Perhaps you’re tired and seeking more energy. Or maybe you’re looking for relief from stress, anxiety, or pain; or even looking for a way to prevent stress, anxiety, or pain?

Respiratory Therapist Betsy Thomason introduces the world to the Breathe Out Dynamic system (BODs) with three powerful words—Just Breathe Out. Nothing mystifying or beyond your reach. BODs, the amazingly effective breathing practice developed by Olympic cycling coach Ian Jackson, focuses on the powerful and relaxing outbreath, a tidbit of ancient yoga wisdom seldom remembered or used.

In this how-to book, Betsy explains everything clearly in lay terms so you, the reader, can easily experience the benefits of BODs. You’ll discover how your very own outbreath can maximize your ability to create a new, healthier you.